Key activity of TESLA Battery Storage portfolio je predaj škálovateľných batériových úložísk, v ktorých využívame tie najkvalitnejšie kvapalinou chladené  batériové moduly od spoločnosti CATL.


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BESS Technology

Our battery energy storage systems contain technology from the world's best manufacturers. We use liquid-cooled CATL battery cells in our systems. The defect rate of battery cells reduced to 1/1,000,000,000, more than 6,800 quality control points and more than 100 tests performed on each cell guarantee the quality of the BESS. Together with an appropriate combination of components, quality engineering and precise dimensioning, we bring technologically advanced and smart solutions, from which our clients will benefit for a long time. Our production and assembly in TESLA Liptovský Hrádok follows the international ISO standards and norms confirming the quality of our solutions.  

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BESS Advantages

How can you benefit from BESS?

Možnosť podporných služieb a <br />flexibility <br />
Auxilliary services
and flexibility
Battery energy storage systems can serve as a tool to maintain the quality of power supply and to ensure the operational reliability of the electricity system, while the result of their activation is resulting in the supply of regulatory energy.

Spolupráca s obnoviteľnými zdrojmi
Synergy with renewable resources
Battery energy storage system allows maximization of the use of renewable sources by storing energy during higher production and consuming it at the time of need.

Škálovateľnosť a variabilita vyhotovení
Scalability and variability
TESLA battery storage systems are manufactured as indoor, outdoor, cabinet, and container solutions with the capacity and power dimensioned according to the client's needs.

Plná servisná vybavenosť a komfortná dodacia doba
Full service availability and convenient delivery times
Thanks to our comprehensive services, we offer the availability of service technicians, BESS monitoring, and 24/7 dispatching.

Záložné napájanie
Backup power supply
As an extremely fast ramp-up power supply, the BESS can provide fast performance for operation needs. In conjunction with external permanent sources (CHP units or diesel generators), it can significantly eliminate the impact of unexpected distribution grid outages.

Peak shaving
Peak shaving
Usage of the battery at the time of withdrawal from the network during peak times, when BESS supplies electricity in parallel with the network and covers this energy requirement. by these peaks, it is possible to reduce the reserved capacity of the client, which means savings on fixed monthly fees and avoiding overdraft fees from reserved capacity.
Obchodovanie s elektrickou energiou
Electricity trading
By storing energy at times of lower prices and using it at times of higher prices - according to the tariff, exchange, intraday trading, or regulatory tariffs - is the battery energy storage system a great tool for electricity trading.

Capacity from

Our scalable solutions are suitable for requirements of small business and residential buildings...

Capacity up to
kWh well as the wide range of requirements of the industrial parks, production factories or energy sector.


Product portfolio

100 kW – 150 kW / 186 kWh
100 kW – 150 kW / 186 kWh


500 kW/558 kWh
500 kW/558 kWh

BESS 558

100 kW/233 kWh
100 kW/233 kWh


500 kW – 1000 kW / 1118 kWh
500 kW – 1000 kW / 1118 kWh

BESS 1118

300 kW/372 kWh
300 kW/372 kWh

BESS 372


BESS 1863



Why to invest in battery energy storage system?

Our solutions perfectly fit for companies of all sizes and focuses. The ability to store electricity makes your business more independent, decentralized and cost-effective at the same time. Different models of electricity storage allow BESS to be used in various ways. With the right utilization model, the payback period of battery storage can be less than three years. Our unique advantage is the service complexity provided you together with battery storage within our holding. We are specialists in dimensioning solutions according to the exact needs of a particular client's operation. Together with our own battery management software and utilization model proposals, we offer a unique added value - maximizing the benefit of the BESS.

Our experts will provide you more details.

Our projects

Our interior and exterior solutions have already been tested by several satisfied clients. Real installations confirm our wide range of capabilities.


Our sales representatives can be found
in the Central Europe region.

TESLA Battery Storage SK, a.s.
TESLA Battery Storage SK, a.s.
Viedenská cesta 5, 851 05 Bratislava
Mobil: +421 911 101 073
TESLA Battery Storage a.s.
TESLA Battery Storage a.s.
Národní 973/41, 110 00 Praha - Staré Město
Czech Republic
Mobil: +420 773 831 147


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